Thursday, April 25, 2013

Litecoin mining: free tutorial for newbies

A lot of people asked me some questions about Litecoin Mining and how to do it, so here's a basic mining litecoin for newbies tutorial.

First of all, you'll need a "miner" : Software you install on your pc to decrypt transactions and generate Litecoins.

Here:s the best miner for windows:
(Check the readme file for instructions)

Litecoin Mining Hardware: The best hardware is a Radeon GPU , you can mine with Nvidia but it's less efficient.
The miner will detect you cards and you can tune CGminer depending which card you use. (I'll explain in a more advanced tutorial)

You need to setup a wallet too. This is the software that you need to keep your Litecoin:
(The first time you start it it's gonna take a while to synchronise to the network, don't worry. You can start mining even if the sync isn't done.

You'll need to register at a good pool and connect to it to start mining:
The pool is a group of people that join forces to mine and split profits.

There you go, you can now start mining Litecoin

Feel free to ask questions

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