Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mining Litecoin with an Nvidia GPU!

YES you can!

Cudaminer is a litecoin mining application to use with Nvidia cards only. 

It uses CUDA as compared to OpenCl on Radeon cards.
You can use this great program on Windows or compile for Linux.

The link to d/l is: Cudaminer V.2013-04-30
**New update: Cudaminer V.2014-02-28

Here's some examples KHash/s you can get with some Nvidia GPU's:
                                                                             ** Update: 2014-02-28:
  •  Geforce GTX 260: 60 Kh/s                 Geforce GTX 260: 80 Kh/s
  • Geforce GTX 460: 120 Kh/s                Geforce GTX 460: 140 Kh/s
  • Geforce GTX 560: 130 Kh/s                Geforce GTX 560: 160 Kh/s
  • Geforce GTX 660Ti: 185 Kh/s             Geforce GTX 660Ti: 330 Kh/s !!
  • GTX Titan: 320 Kh/s                             GTX 780 Ti: 800 Kh/s
  •                                                                 GTX Titan:  720 Kh/s
You can try the autotune feature first so it will find the best launch configuration to get the most Kh/s out of your card.
Check the readme file for options and switches to tweak it.

If you find this useful, please donate a little. How about donate the first LTC you'll mine with this app?

Thank you

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