Monday, January 13, 2014

New favorite (and profitable) coins: 42, LOT. DOGE, NET and EAC

This week i'm testing a few new coins.. 

  • 42 great newcomer with 42 seconds block time. w
  • LOTTOCOIN is still great coin to mine, difficulty is going down
  • DOGE is still strong, with a great potential
  • NET is a good coin to mine but you gotta check difficulty
  • EARTHCOIN was added to cryptsy market so we gotta check it out in the next week
I have a setup with a Nvidia GTX 660 ti mining using Cudaminer and i get around 190kh/s so that's not bad.

And 2 more setups with 3x radeon cards mining at about 1800kh/s each.
we'll see next week which coin was the most profitable

Stay tuned for the results!!
Who will win?

42, LOT. DOGE, NET or EAC or maybe another coins like Worldcoin(WDC), Digitalcoin(DGC)..?

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