Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Best site to check for Alt Coins mining profitability

I found a new site to check for which coin is the best to mine and trade.
It's the best profitability calculator 
It has a lot of coins listed, with algorythms, exchange volume information etc.

You can compare: Vertcoin (Scrypt.N-Fact), Maxcoin (Keccak), Ultracoin (Scrypt-Jane) and many other cryptocurrencies.

Info From Most Popular Exchanges (Cryptsy,Coins-E,CryptoRush, Vircurex,Bter,SwissCex,poloniex,MintPal,Atomic-Trade,Bittrex)
It has more coins than coinwarz
The site is:

Remember it's still BETA so many more functions will be added soon:
CPU algos
More tools and filters 

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