Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Super promotion: Win a KNC Titan scrypt miner!!

You want to win an awesome scrypt miner hardware??

You can win a KNC Titan (Value : 9995$)
  • Minimum 300/MH/s of performance from a 28nm chip  yes 300MH/s !!! 
Let's calculate.. with the(bad) profitability right now, let's say it can mine: 300 x 0.006(Avg daily BTC payout/MH)= 1.8 BTC /day!!

At the current rate: 1.8 x 425= 765$ EVERY DAY! 

How to win?
Point your miners to http://www.blackcoinpool.com/ and that's it. 

A KNC Titan will be shipped to the lucky winner of the draw held on the 4th of July, during the BlackCast. This epic mining rig by the reputable mining gear company KNC Miner from Sweden is currently the wet dream of any mining enthousiast in the world

You can mine scrypt, scrypt-N and X-11 if you want. Payout in Blackcoin (BC) : btw it's going to the moon!

You'll make profits and get a chance to win this awesome hardware!

You can sell your BC at : Crypsty Exchange 

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