Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Maxcoin is a failure.. let's mine an ASIC-proof coin: VERTCoin : VTC

Vertcoin is a new cryptocurrency that is designed to resist ASIC mining. It uses an Adaptive N-Factor component and it will be harder for asics to mine VTC

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Vertcoin algorithm requires different GPU settings, and that you will attain, at most, 50% of the normal hashrate that you would get mining a normal scrypt coin

You can Mine Vertcoin with an Nvidia GPU with a special version of CUDAMINER
Or a modified version of CGminer

*I will post my complete cudaminer config soon (using GTX 660ti )

I found a good VTC pool:
http://vtcweb.poolz.net/ and you can Exchange your coins at Cryptsy.com 

Here's a Vertcoin mining calculator: http://www.verters.com/vertcoin-mining-calculator

Click on : http://www.qoinpro.com/
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