Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nvidia is now #1 mining devices with the GTX 750 Ti

Finally Nvidia is now #1 with their new Maxwell architecture card: GTX 750 ti !

This card can reach up to 350kh/s mining scrypt and need only 60watts of power!

so you don't need those huge and expensive PSU'S to setup a mining rig.
Get 6 GTX 750 Ti (60w * 6: 360w) and a 650W PSU and you're ready to mine any scrypt coin

Another good point is those card run way colder thatn the Radeon R9's
A GTX 750 Ti mining LTC or any other scrypt coin at 100% capacity will reach about 65 degrees maximum!

Here's a link with a real Geforce750 ti test:

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